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Pinstripe Pride

Fans of New York Yankees baseball

Fans of the New York Yankees
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Yankees Fans.
With your friendly moderators...
reflaxion, anjak_j, crazypicklearm & tartabully

For the most hardcore, diverse, widespread, and loyal fans in all of Major League Baseball: the Yankees fan. Whether you love the legacy, the tradition, the excitement...whether you were born in the Bronx, took after your family or just respect the ballclub for what it is from afar, this is our place. You can discuss players, games, trades and acquisitions, brag about attending the World Series, whatever. ;)

This is the team that's won 27 championships,
countless pennants and division titles,
fielded an astounding number of baseball legends,
and captured the imagination of the world.
They are the ultimate envy point of the entire league.
The rest will deny it, but we are the ones who know better.

(We have a few pet Sox fans, along with a handful of others...
but you have to be quite cool to be part of that action.)
The Basics:

- No trolling. (duh)
- Avoid multiple posting.
- No spamming. (double duh)
- No blatantly off-topic posts.
- No harassment of other members. Do unto others, and whatnot.

Rule breaking = bannination. Any questions? See the mods.
The Intermediates:

- The Game Day Post (GDP) is your friend. Please put all thoughts related to a current game as a comment under the GDP.

- Along similar lines of trying to avoid flooding friends lists of members, please do not post something to the community that someone else has already posted. If you agree, or have further thoughts on the issue, comment on that post.

- Fans of other teams are welcome and encouraged, but please understand that you will be under much closer scrutiny than known Yankees fans. We reserve the right to this bias. :P
Advanced Directives:

- Despite the fact that we are Yankees fans, this community's purpose is not for bashing of any other team, Boston included. There are other communities created specifically for you to do so and your negativity will be much more openly received there.

- Your political affiliations and/or religious beliefs are to be entirely left out of your posts to this community. You are entitled to your opinions on these matters, but they are 100% off-topic in this particular forum. This is discussed in further detail here.

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Rest In Peace

Bobby Murcer - 5/20/1946 to 7/12/2008

Phil "Scooter" Rizzuto - 9/25/1917 to 8/13/2007

Cory Lidle - 3/22/1972 to 10/11/2006

Bob Sheppard - 10/20/1910 to 7/11/2010

George M. "The Boss" Steinbrenner III - 7/4/1930 to 7/13/2010 
Show some lovin' for the men in stripes -- Go Yankees!
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