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18 June 2012 @ 11:12 pm
GDP for Screenreader in comments...

June 18, 2012 / 19:05 ET
Atlanta Braves vs. New York Yankees
Starting Pitchers:
Minor [LHP]
[3-4, 6.01]
 Sabathia [LHP]
[8-3, 3.70]
1B Prado
DH McCann
2B Uggla
LF Diaz
3B Jones
RF Heyward
SS Simmons
C Ross
        Jeter SS
Granderson CF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Canó 2B
Jones RF
Martin DH
Nix LF
Stewart C

W-L: 40-25 [.615 / 1.5 GA / 1st] W9

Radio: WCBS 880 / WADO 1280 (Esp.) / Gameday Audio

This Day in Yankees History:
1918 - The Yankees score in every inning except the 8th as they beat the Cleveland Indians, 19-3.
1977 - OF Reggie Jackson and Manager Billy Martin become involved in a dugout confrontation that is seen live on national television during the Game of the Week broadcast on NBC TV. Playing against the Red Sox in Boston, Martin removes Jackson from the game for loafing on a ball hit to the outfield, replacing him with reserve OF Paul Blair - a decision Jackson questions his manager about to the point where coaches Elston Howard and Yogi Berra separate them.
2009 - The Yankees are shut out by Craig Stammen - who earns his first MLB career victory - and the Nationals, 3-0, in a game that starts over five-and-a-half hours later than scheduled. It is the first game since the opening of the ballpark that April where the scoring did not comprise of at least one home run. The few fans remaining at the stadium at first pitch are invited to watch the game from the field level seats.

Since there hasn't been a lot of activity around here so far this year, I was wondering what would make you more likely to take part in the GDP..?

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