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17 June 2012 @ 06:05 pm
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June 17, 2012 / 13:35 ET
New York Yankees @ Washington Nationals
Starting Pitchers:
Nova [RHP]
[8-2, 4.64]
 Jackson [RHP]
[3-3, 3.02]
CF Granderson
3B Rodriguez
2B Canó
1B Teixeira
LF Ibañez
RF Jones
C Stewart
P Nova
        Lombardozzi LF
Harper CF
Zimmerman 3B
LaRoche 1B
Morse RF
Desmond SS
Espinosa 2B
Solano C
Jackson P

W-L: 39-25 [.609 / 0.0 GB / 1st] W8

TV: YES / TBS / MLB.tv
Radio: WCBS 880 / WADO 1280 (Esp.) / Gameday Audio

This Day in Yankees History:

1960 - The Yankees roll into Chicago to the play the White Sox on the first day that Comiskey Park was equipped with a new $300,000 exploding scoreboard - to be set off for Chi-Sox home run celebrations. Clete Boyer goes yard in the second inning of a 4-2 Yankees win, and upon his return to the dugout is greeted by his teammates, who, in a lampooning of the edifice, are all holding lit sparklers in celebration.
1978 - A Yankee tradition starts as Ron Guidry's magical year continues. In the 4-0 win over California he pushed his record to 11-0. As to the tradition, the practice of the Bronx Massive standing and rhythmically clapping when a Yankee pitcher gets two strikes on a batter started on this day as a response to Louisiana Lightning's 18 Ks.
2005 - The Yankees welcome the Chicago Cubs back into the Bronx in the first game between the two teams since the Bombers swept the Cubbies in the 1938 World Series. The Cubs did not fair any better 67 years later with the Yankees winning 9-6. Robinson Canó hit a single that ignited a two-run rally - after flying out to LF Todd Hollandsworth four straight times.

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